2️⃣Season 2

Date: 28th March, 2024 – 10th April, 2024 Time: 3AM UTC β€” 3AM UTC Venue: https://www.gullnetwork.com/getting-started

What’s different from Season 1 & Season 2?


This NFT serves as a 20% multiplier on your final Gull Points. Complete all the starred tasks on the Gull Game list to claim it!

Season 2 Onboarding

Step 1: Hop onto https://www.gullnetwork.com/getting-started. Connect your wallet and share this news on Twitter X to get started!

Step 2: Refer friends! You’ll get 10 new invite links to refer to your friends!!

Step 3: Navigate to β€œGull Game” -> β€œPlay” to start completing daily tasks! Make sure to visit this page at 9AM UTC EVERY DAY to complete your tasks!

Step 4: Complete all the starred tasks, including staking to claim your free NFT!

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